My Florida Local Guides


My Florida Local Guides - Magazine Design for My Florida Insurance We love designing these monthly magazines for our client, My Florida Insurance. These are designed to provide value to their clients by highlighting upcoming holidays, local Southwest Florida events, recipes and more. Check out the guides below! Contact us for help with your [...]

Kurtz Homes Ad Design


When I received the request from Kurtz Homes for a new ad in Home Magazine, I was excited to get to work and showcase their beautiful homes and their legacy of building quality custom homes for generations. I created 4 variations for them to choose from. You can read more about how I got [...]

Flyer Design


Flyer Design Among other marketing materials, we've designed countless flyers over the years. Whether it's to promote an event, a business, or make announcements internally within your business, we've can design a flyer for it!  

Job Fair Banner Design: Avantive Solutions


Job Fair Banner Design: Avantive Solutions While working in marketing for Avantive Solutions, we did a total rebranding. As their sole graphic designer, I was responsible for all the designs. You will see several of the AVS new branded marketing materials throughout my portfolio. This Retractable Banner Design was created for the recruiting department [...]

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