Project Description

Marisa, who is The Glowing Aesthetician, is a GEM. Also, I hate it when people say someone is a “gem”. Yet, that is exactly what came to mind when I started to write this. She was just truly awesome to work with.

Marisa had already designed her logo in Canva, but then realized that she was limited in finishing the project due to Canva’s restrictions and limited capabilities. She was stuck with a gold and pink graphic, when her colors are light blue and grey/silver. My task was to recreate her design, but in Illustrator using custom, vector artwork that would be unique to HER logo only.

Here is the final product. Below you will also see some other options I created for her, as well as the final white inverted version of her logo I supplied. I always supply variations of the final logo to my clients so that they can use their logo design in many different places and on different backgrounds. Contact me for your logo design!

Aesthetician logo design

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