Project Description

Kurtz Keyes Logo Design

This logo we designed for Kurtz Keyes embodies the brand of Kurtz Homes, its “parent” company, while representing the double Ks for Kurtz + Keyes. To see the Kurtz Homes logo, check out the website we designed for Kurtz Homes here.

Enjoy the evolution shown below from the initial concepts to the final design.

Initial Logo Design Concepts:

kurtz keyes logo design initial concepts

Concepts V2 with some tweaks after reviewing the initial concepts with the client:

kurtz keyes logo design concepts v2

V3 of concepts created after reviewing v2 with the client. As you can see, small tweaks are made to show the client options. All of these versions were created and reviewed within the same day in a back and forth collaborative process:

kurtz keyes logo design concepts v3

Final Logo Design Chosen by the Client:

Kurtz Keyes Logo Design